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Zambia 2017

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Upcoming trip to Zambia 2017

Our aim is to continue the work of our previous students started!!

In July 2017 three Key Stage 4 students will be going to Zambia with the Tag Rugby Development Trust as part of a team of volunteers to teach Tag Rugby & run an exciting inter school festival. Whilst there they will be involved & working with numerous schools and hundreds of children to improve their lives and give them a fantastic & exciting experience. The work will also involve working with local teachers, rugby coaches & volunteers to ensure that the work of the charity is sustainable in the area & country. We will also be working on a community project where we are aiming to improve their school building. As students from an inner London School, this will be a life changing opportunity!!



A bit about one of the schools...

Zambezi Sawmills Community School is one of the most vulnerable and disadvantaged community schools that the Tag Rugby Trust works with in Livingstone. Situated within Dambwa compound, the school operates out of an unsecured site that is open to vandalism and theft.

The school is also overcrowded with approx. 390 students in nine classes over seven grades using five classroom. They therefore operate a 'hot seating' system, where some grades go to school in the morning and some in the afternoon, the classrooms are in use all day. As a community school, Zambezi Sawmills Community School is not eligible for government support either in terms of finance, or resources.

What we hope to achieve working with Tag Rugby Trust...

Naturally inclusive – The non-contact nature of the game means that Tag Rugby is gender inclusive and does not discriminate on the basis of age, size or experience.

It's fun! – Fast moving, high scoring and engaging. For beginners this means fun and achievement, more passes and more points.

The Project work.

Short Term Impact:

  • Building additional classrooms and enabling the school to accept more children and additional grades, giving them a chance at an education.
  • A security wall will prevent vandalism and the inappropriate use of the school grounds in the evenings and on weekends by members of the surrounding community, as well as making the school a much safer environment for children to learn and play in.
  • A teacher's house will allow the school to support a member of staff and will also mean that the school can be guarded around the clock.

Long Term Impact:

  • By making these alterations to the school, it will be able to maintain its own social enterprises but will in the future achieve Primary School status and receive the accompanying government support.

Building Update at Sawmills School!!

The classroom block phase of the project is still on going. The foundations have been laid and the walls have been built up to roof level. We will be working on the food garden and building another classroom when we arrive.

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