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Henry V LIVE

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On Thursday 19 November, Year 9 students were privileged to attend a screened production of Henry V.  The production was streamed live from the Royal Shakespeare Company in Stratford-upon-Avon.

RSC 1"Henry V was written by William Shakespeare in 1599 and is based on real life events. The play revolves around the new young King making the decision to declare war on France with the intension of becoming King of both countries and marrying the Princess of France. The play was performed this year to commemorate the 600th anniversary of the battle of Agincourt.

Gregory Doran (Director) ensured that everything was effectively performed, making the actors repeat scenes to try out various emotions.  The actors seemed extremely pleased with the decisions of the director to reinforce the quality of acting". - Julia Year 9

"Henry V was a dramatic display of war and the hardship it brings. Alex Hassell (Actor) playing Henry V spoke with such determination and with full understanding of what he was saying. He wears a modest crown, his clothes medieval with a dash of modern, causing Alex to act with an air of superiority and decadence." - Elizabeth Year 9

"The tension and build up performed by Alex in the famous speech was truly amazing. He gave an original and arresting performance as the King". Ellie Year 9

"The lighting was what really set the mood. When the war was being portrayed they used dark red lighting to set the scene." - Syriah Year 9

"The emotion in the play was outstanding. It literally felt like you were there in 1419. The costumes and hair made it so realistic". - Emma Year 9

"The language barrier was hard for many but each actor really understood their role and character's personality". Stephanie & Shamaya

"The director was vigilant in the use of the stage and despite its mediocre size, they made sure to make it look emphatic. The use of fog emphasised the battlefield and the use of backgrounds and lighting created the illusion of a greater environment". - Chinwe & Andi

RSC 2"The plot of the play was a little hard to understand, however, the actors were clear and over the top (in a good way), which made the story clearer to understand". Indya Year 9

"Due to the effective use of set design, the audience were able to interpret the given circumstances of each character. The small amount of props found on the stage allowed us to concentrate on the scene itself, urging us to use our imagination". - Isa Year 9


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