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Science Department News

Open Events

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Science2Science1During our very successful open events at the beginning of this term, the Science Department excelled in captivating the interest and attention of both potential students of Conisborough College and their parents.

Both students and parents were enthusiastic and eager to participate in all the experiments which included Alkali metal tests, pH tests, Hydrogen Pop tests and great fun with the Van der Graaf Generator.  This event gave parents the opportunity to see the dedication of the staff at Conisborough.

The department had some fantastic feedback. A big thank you to all the staff and technicians for all their efforts in ensuring the event was a success.


Oxford Symposium

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Oxford Symposium 2013 1Oxford Symposium

On Friday 27 September, Conisborough College hosted the third annual Oxford Symposium in conjunction with Oxford International Biomedical Centre (OIBC).  A selection of students from Conisborough, Colfe's, Bonus Pastor and Sedgehill took part in two fascinating lectures about the human brain and memory.


Science Workshops

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Medical Workshops

ScienceAt the end of the Summer term, three trips were organised for Year 8 and year 10 students to Kings College, London.

Students participated in the medical activity days held at Guys Campus, London Bridge.  The events were medical activities days where students took part in several interactive sessions based in laboratories, around the themes of the day, which were cardiovascular systems, diabetes, forensic science etc.

Kings College commented on how well Conisborough College students behaved and how engaged they were with the tasks.

"Some students had a real flare for the Science tasks and showed real potential for a future in medicine"


Extracting DNA

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Extracting DNA

Royal_Institution_of_Great_BritainOn Friday 19 November, a group of Year 9 Science students went to visit the Royal Institution of Great Britain and the Young Scientist Centre in Mayfair, London.

The focus of the trip was 'Extracting DNA'.  This gave us an opportunity to investigate and analyze our own DNA.

Students learned about the amazing molecules that make up the codes for who we are.  They extracted DNA from their own cells by using bio-techniques and, at the end of the day, were able to go away with a small piece of DNA in a necklace to wear.  The Year 9 students really enjoyed the day.


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