Enterprise in a Box

Business News

EinB1This term, 60 of our Year 9 Business Studies students took part in a practical Business workshop facilitated by MyBnk as part of their marketing unit. The students were introduced to the concept of social enterprise where they practised pitching and selling.

Working in teams, the students identified their target audience, completed a business plan, set prices and also analysed the risks and rewards using SWOT analysis (Strengths, Weakness Opportunities, Threats).

EinB2Finally, students sold their Fair Trade products to staff and students. The winning team will celebrate with a business lunch and a trip to the FSTE 100 company.

"I developed my communication skills as the frontline sales manager. It was really fun and I learned a lot." Kaycee 9T

"I learned a lot as the finance manager and am happy we made £30.50 profit in a week.  We really worked well together, I would like to do this again." An Dao 9F

"My group and I were extremely excited about this week long project. We sold our box of Fair Trade products quickly; it was thrilling. I would do it again without a doubt." Harry - Year 9

"It was a great experience and a brilliant team building exercise, I would give it 10/10." Tom - Year 9

"The opportunity to do this really helped me find out what it was like to be part of a business. It was good as I was in a group who worked well together." Billy - Year 9