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Physical Education

Key Stage 3 Physical Education

_DSC1592In Key Stage 3 Physical Education (PE), students study the following aspects:

  • games (tag rugby, contact rugby, netball, badminton, basketball, cricket, football, rounders)
  • dance
  • gymnastics (this will include trampoline)
  • athletics

In lessons we will expect you to:

  • participate fully in the different areas of the curriculum
  • plan practices and warm-ups
  • evaluate your own and others’ work
  • lead the warm-up and cool-down
  • plan a fitness programme
  • show a clear understanding of fitness and health, both now and in the future
  • understand the need for rules and the importance of safety in all areas of the curriculum
  • show an understanding of teamwork
  • demonstrate the ability to show different roles in PE, such as choreographer, umpire / referee or coach

To support the work in lessons we have a variety of clubs (at lunchtime and after school) which everyone can access. Some of the clubs are linked to aspects of games, where you will take part in tournaments and matches against other schools.



Key Stage 3 Homework

pdfRounders Learning Pack

pdfRounders Tasks

Key Stage 4 Physical Education


Course Content:

  • Section 1 The theory of Physical Education-40% of the total GCSE
  • Section 1.1: Healthy, active lifestyles.
  • Section 1.2: Your healthy, active body
  • In addition, the Edexcel GCSE in Physical Education requires students
    to develop their knowledge and understanding of how a healthy, active
    lifestyle contributes to the growth and development of body systems,
    and structures (including the cardiovascular, muscular, respiratory and
    skeletal systems), as well as general wellbeing.
  • Section 2 Performance in Physical Performance-60% of the total GCSE Section 2.1 Practical performance
  • Section 2.2 Analysis of performance
  • Key Stage 4 Curriculum Overview
  • BTEC Overview
  • BTEC Assessment Plan

Is GCSE PE suitable for me?

  • have an interest in sport, linking both theoretical and practical elements, and the broader aspects of sport and leisure.
  • want to develop an understanding of the body’s physiological systems, and how they are influenced by exercise
  • want to learn about sports injuries and how to assess risks in sporting situations
  • want to develop your own practical skills and techniques in structured sessions
  • want to be able to plan and carry out a fitness training programme
  • have an interest in the psychological and lifestyle factors that affect performers
  • develop knowledge and practical skills in a range of physical activities
  • examine the effects of exercise and how training can improve performance
  • find ways to improve their own performances in a variety of roles
  • identify ways to develop and maintain a healthy and active lifestyle through participation in physical activity
  • appreciate the benefits of promoting ‘sport for all’.

How will I learn?

  • More variety: A wide choice of roles and activities, giving students the flexibility to be a leader/official as well as a player to expand their enjoyment of the course
  • A practical focus: With 60% coursework, this is a very practical course that gives students ample opportunity to show what they can do
  • Accessible exam papers with a great choice of questions, including multiple choice, short and long answers.


GCSE PE prepares you for progression to an Advanced course such as the BTEC National Diploma in Sport, an AS/A2 level programme of study, further training (Gym Instructor) or employment (e.g. in a Sports and Leisure centre).
Allows seamless progression for students from Key Stage 3.

Overview of assessment

  • This unit is assessed through an externally set examination.
  • The examination is 1 hour and 30 minutes, and includes multiple-choice, short-answer, and longer-answer questions.
  • The total raw mark available is 80.

Career Opportunities:

Teacher, Gym Instructor, Sports Coach, Sports Journalism, Phsiotherapist, Personal Trainer

Books / Materials / Visits / Field Courses / Websites:

  • Read the sports section of newspapers daily
  • Watch the sports news/sports programmes
  • Assist with local primary school sports days
  • Run a sports event
  • www.topendsports

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