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Key Stage 4 Drama

This GCSE course teaches the skills and knowledge you need to follow a career in:

  • Media
  • Communications Industries
  • Social Work
  • Theatre
  • Public and Private Sector

 ROM5123Course Content

Reading, analysing texts, extracts, video performances, research, preparing oral tasks / presentations, short writing tasks, longer writing assignments, re-drafting and improvisation.

Any student considering this option should have an interest in drama and the theatre in general, including the technical aspects of costume, lighting, stage design and sound production.  You should be interested in self-expression, working with others towards a performance and evaluating what you and others do.  You should also recognise the importance of being able to record and explain what you do and think.

Most Drama lessons consist of working in groups, so it is essential that students are able to work collaboratively. Students will also have to be prepared to feedback to the whole class, as this forms the basis for all feedback.

Stimulus for the drama will consist of current affairs, historical topics and written play scripts.

Examination Details

There is a written examination worth 40%, based on the text studied and the completion of a theatre review. 40% of the course is assessed internally, through a devised performance presentation and 2000 word written portfolio.

There is an externally assessed performance exam; this means students will perform 'live' in front of a visiting examiner, this is the remaining 20% of the course.

There is also an option for technical support for this performance. This can be in lighting, sound or costume design.

Career Opportunities

Careers in theatre, media, communications industries, social work and both public and private sector employment.


  • Edexcel GCSE Drama - Student Book - Available from Amazon

Field Trips

  • Shakespeare Schools Workshops
  • Theatre Trips - students will write a review of these.

Useful Websites

BBC Bitesize - GCSE Drama

Shakespeare Schools Festival



Twitter Feed




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