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Home Curriculum Literacy

_DSC0300_TIF_7871356802Literacy across the curriculum

quote_marks_blue"There is more treasure in books than in all the pirate's loot on Treasure Island." - Walt Disney

Literacy skills are essential for all learning.  Without literacy skills students cannot learn.

Literacy is more than just the skills of reading and writing.  Students must be able to read and write proficiently, speak fluently and confidently, have a continually expanding vocabulary and critically appreciate various forms of communication including spoken word, text, broadcast and digital media.

At Conisborough College we focus on a different aspect of literacy across the college each half term.



Writing Focus

Speaking Focus

Autumn 1

Full Sentences

Full Sentences with Full Stops

Full Sentences

Flash Cards

Autumn 2

Academic Language


Uses of key words

Spring 1



Sentence Starters

Spring 2



no more fillers...

Summer 1


Writing Questions

Asking Questions

Summer 2

Making Connections


Connective Mat

Connectives [speaking focus]


Key Stage 3 Recommended Reading

Key Stage 4 Recommended Reading

Literacy Tips:

1. When you finish a piece of writing, write C U P S in large letters along the top of the page.

  • C - reminds you to check for Capital letters.
  • U - is for Understanding - does it make sense?
  • P - reminds you to check your Punctuation
  • S - you should continue proofreading and check Spellings

Proofreading is an important skill and is key to improving writing.

2. Be on 'Read Alert'

Cut out newspaper or magazine articles on subjects that are of interest to you and discuss them with your friends and family.  Use reading as an opportunity to share ideas.

3. Check your Homophones

Spelling, punctuation and grammar will be heavily marked in future GCSEs.  Help eachother to know the difference between key homophones, such as there, their and they're, and your and you're.  Devise a short poem or acronym to remember which one is which!

'Get Caught Reading'

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Where will you 'Get Caught Reading'?

'Get Caught Reading' is a nationwide campaign to get people of all ages reading.  Here at Conisborough College we regularly run a competition for students and staff to 'Get Caught Reading'.

Our competition involves taking a photo or yourself in an unusual or creative location while reading a book.


Get Caught Writing

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CatsGet Caught Writing Competition

The aim of this competition is to write a fictional story or factual piece about one of these Egyptian Artefacts from the British Museum.

Over the October half term, Miss Cockram visited the British Museum and was amazed by their collection of Egyptian artefacts.


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