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world-globeKey Stage 3 Geography

In Geography you will be introduced to geographical skills such as, a knowledge of places and an understanding of geographical processes.

In Year 7 you will focus on:

Year 7 students study Humanities which is a combination of Geography and History:

In Year 8 you will focus on:

In Year 9 you will study:

In each year you will have chances to extend your new skills using IT, fieldwork, role-play and case studies.

carbon-footprintKey Stage 4 Geography

Course Content:

The course will involve students in developing a range of distinct skills that will equip them for future life.  They will develop proficient map skills and a range of ICT skills.  They will solve problems and complete enquiries, one of which will be based on fieldwork.  They will learn how to collect information, interpret evidence, make decisions, draw and justify conclusions, as well as communicate their findings.

Progress Level Ladders

Examinations Details

A controlled assessment based on field work will take place during Year 10 and 11.

  • Written Paper (Unit 1) 30%
  • Written Paper (Unit 2) 45%
  • Controlled Assessment 25%

Career Opportunities

Scientist, Meteorologist, Archaeologist, Conservationist, City Planner, Journalist, IT and Design, commerce and creating GIS systems

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Pupil Premium funding and Year 7 literacy and numeracy catch up funding are used well.

OFSTED - May 2018

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