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Key Stage 3 History


MiddleAges2The course aims to increase your interest in why past events are important and to help you to draw your own conclusions by looking at historical evidence. Studying History involves map study, detective work, factual and imaginative writing, discussion, group work and individual studies.


In Year 7 you will focus on:

Year 7 students study Humanities which is a combination of Geography and History:

In Year 8 you will focus on three very different areas of history:

  • The Making of the UK - Part 2: The English Civil War
  • The French Revolution
  • Black Peoples of the Americas
  • Year 8 Curriculum Overview

In Year 9 you will study units on:

  • Britain 1750-1900 (Expansion, Trade and Industry)
  • The 20th Century World

You will be encouraged to develop a range of historical skills such as: understanding the nature of evidence, using it to reconstruct the past, understanding the concept of time and the way human society has changed and developed.

Key Stage 4 History


How is GCSE History taught?

This course involves students developing a range of distinct skills that will well equip them for future life.  students will develop an ability to recall information and show an understanding of it.  Students will also be able to analyse primary and secondary evidence explaining bias, exaggeration, propaganda and different opinions.  The History department uses a variety of resources to teach GCSE including ICT, videos and museum trips.

Methods of GCSE History Assessment

We keep track of how well the students are doing through regular homework and classwork.  Tests will be given at the end of each topic to asses progress and development.

Final Assessment:

Written Exam 75%   Controlled Assesment 25%

A Good History student…

  • has an interest in the world around us
  • is able to consider other points of view and respond with their own interpretation of events.

Progress Level Ladders

Course Content:

The subject is taught in four units: Year 10: Units 1 and 3  Year 11: Units 2 and 4

1. Peace and War: International Relations 

  • Why did war break out?
  • The Peace Settlement
  • Why did WWII begin?

2. Hitler and Nazi Germany

  • The Rise of Adolf Hitler
  • Life in Nazi German
  • Racism and the Treatment of the Jews

3. USA: 1941-1980 - A Divided Union

  • The Civil Rights Movement
  • The Red Scare in America
  • America in the 1960s 

4. Controlled Assessment

  • An in-depth enquiry into a key event in British History

Examination Details:

Final Assessment: 3 Written Linear Exams 75% / Controlled Assessment 25%

Career Opportunities:

History is a versatile qualification for various jobs: Journalism, Media, Law, Teaching, Politics, Investment Banker.  History shows any future employer or college that you have the required thinking skills and the ability to handle information appropriately.

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There is a wide programme of careers advice and guidance in KS4.

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