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Personal, Social, Health and Citizenship Education (PSHCE)

Key Stage 3

PSHCE is usually taken by your form tutor in Year 7 and a specialist team in Years 8 and 9. It will cover all your own personal development. You will have time to discuss, think and make decisions about yourself and your life now and for the future.

The topics studied will be linked to how you change as you grow up and they should make it possible for you to do your best each year as you grow up.

During Year 7 you will study the following themes and you can see, they should help you settle in.
You will learn about:

Responsibility and Respect

  • respecting differences
  • self-esteem
  • change and loss
  • managing money

Life Style

  • looking after yourself
  • your changing body


  • how to deal with the different people in your life
  • how to resolve conflict


  • human rights
  • democracy
  • global awareness

During Year 8 you will study the following themes, to look at how you are changing as you grow up:

Responsibility and Respect

  • the nature of work
  • bereavement and empathy
  • the rights of the consumer

Life Style

  • healthy eating
  • safety on the streets
  • safe sex


  • boyfriends and girlfriends
  • marriage
  • racism


    • the role of government, both national and international

During Year 9 you will continue studying yourself but you will also need to start thinking carefully about the world of work. In Year 9 you will make some option choices about the subjects you will study for GCSE and you need to be sure they are the best for you. These are the Year 9 themes:

Responsibility and Respect

  • decision-making
  • job interests
  • information-gathering

Life Style

  • mental health
  • sexually transmitted infections


  • problems that can occur within families


  • how the law works
  • refugees
  • political parties
  • resolving world conflict

Key Stage 4

Personal Social Health and Citizenship Education (PSHCE) is a cross-curricular life skill course, taken by all students. The content of the course includes work in citizenship, careers and health education. Particular emphasis is given to careers education in Year 10, with all students being guided towards a work-shadowing experience at the end of the Summer term.

The course aims to build confidence and encourage self-esteem. students develop the skills needed to make informed and realistic choices. The course also raises awareness and challenges attitudes and prejudice.

PSHCE includes compulsory Citizenship education. This allows students to be entered for the short course GCSE in Citizenship, therefore giving them an extra qualification.

GCSE Citizenship addresses the following strands:

  • human rights and responsibilities
  • police, judiciary and crime
  • international, European, UK and local government
  • multi-cultural understanding
  • economic understanding
  • world crisis and world aid
  • the impact of the media upon citizenship rights and responsibilities.

All students who are entered for the GCSE are required to complete a coursework project and sit a terminal examination.

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