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Year 9 Leadership Training

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Working with Dreamkey

During the Autumn term a selection of Year 9 students took part in a four day training programme with Dreamkey.

Dreamkey work with a whole range of young people and adults to develop teamwork and leadership skills.

A selection of Year 9 boys and girls were chosen to take part in the programme based on their potential to lead and take on a more responsible role within the school in the future.


The students engaged in all of the activities throughout the week with real enthusiasm and determination.  It seemed quite natural for some students to take the lead on certain tasks while others were happy to work as part of the team.

Leadership is an important skill for many successful business men and women.  Leadership is not just about being bossy, it is about an all round development of skills.  Some are natural born leaders and some develop over time.

The four day programme combined both physical and mental challenges for the groups to solve and overcome.  The students took part in some educational gymnastics and showed great maturity, responsibility and teamwork to lift, throw and catch members of their group.

Leadership6Leadership1Leadership4Leadership3"The programme has helped to develop confidence, teamwork and personal skills.  These skills will make a difference to what they can overcome and achieve in the future" - Ms G. Ramsey

A huge thank you to Dreamkey for their continued support in shaping our young people.


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