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Conisborough-College LogoGoverning Body of Conisborough College
(East) (Whitefoot Ward)

The Governors of the school are people drawn from the local community and elected parents and staff.

The Headteacher directs the running of the school. The Governors have general oversight over the running of the school. Governors receive termly reports from the Headteacher on the school and its activities as well as information from the authority on policy matters, the school resources and changes to premises. The Governors also interview candidates and recommend appointments for many jobs in the school and act as an appeal body in cases when school decisions are challenged, such as when pupils have to be excluded. Governors are invited to take a full part in the school both through visits to the school at work and attendance at events.

Power to Innovate has been granted to free the Governing Body from usual restrictions. Our Governing Body includes:
(Re-constituted 24/10/12)

Governing Body of Conisborough College - 16 governor places


  • Mrs J. Hadlow - c/o Conisborough College - Appt Date: 03.09.18

Deputy Headteacher

  • Ms K. Mahar (Advisor) - c/o Conisborough College - Appt Date: 13.10.11
  • Ms C. Boateng (Advisor) - c/o Conisborough College - Appt Date: 01.01.18

Teacher Governor - Elected by staff of the school

  • Vacancy (Teacher) - c/o Conisborough College

Chair of Governors - Nominated by LB of Lewisham

  • Ms. V. Whittle  - Chair of Governors - Appt Date: 01.02.10

Elected by the parents of pupils attending the school

  • Mr S. Ulegede - Parent - Appt Date: 08.02.16
  • Mr K. Bedward (Parent) - Appt Date: 14.06.18

Co-Opted Governors

  • Ms. K. Richardson - Appt Date: 13.10.11
  • Ms L. Austin - Vice Chair of Governors - Appt Date: 24.02.15
  • Mr. D. Connolly - Appt Date: 01.11.11
  • Ms L. Thomas - Appt Date: 03.03.16
  • Mr R. Cole - Appt Date: 16.06.16
  • Ms D. Graham - Appt Date: 16.06.16
  • Ms L. Green - Appt Date: 14.11.17
  • Mr S. Hooks - Appt Date: 16.06.16
  • Mrs S. Davies - Appt Date: 14.06.18
  • 2 x vacancies

Clerk of the Governors

  • Felicity Ellett, Governors' Services, 3rd Floor, Laurence House, Catford, SE6 4RU

Governors' Details

pdfGoverning Body Code of Conduct

pdfClick here for information on:

  • Governor who has served at any point over the past 12 months
  • Committee Meeting Attendance
  • Register of Interest

Code of Conduct

All members of the Governing Body have signed Conisborough College Governing Body Code of Conduct.

If you would like to find out more about the role of the Governing body or enquire about becoming a Governor in the future then please contact the PA/Office Manager on 020 8461 9600


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