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Catch Up Funding

In the year 2016-2017, we were awarded £15,148. In Year 7 we had 43 pupils below 100 in Maths. 21 pupils were at 95 or below in KS2 Maths tests.  In 2016-2017 low ability pupils in Maths were taught in set sizes of 10-15. This reduction in class sizes cost 8 periods of Maths teaching. One class was taught by an AST. Two off timetable catch up days took place during the summer term.

Cost of smaller class sizes in Maths=£14,000

Current data at half term October 2017 shows that pupils in Maths at low ability, 35% have exceeded expected progress and 85% are making expected progress.

In English and Literacy in Year 7, we had 52 pupils below 100, and 25 95 and below. Of these pupils, 50% are exceeding expected progress and 83% making expected progress. Over the spring and summer term on the return of an outstanding teacher, classes were specifically reduced in size by halving the lower set class at least twice each week.

Cost of small classes in English=£6400.

In 2017-2018, we have employed HLTAs to do Literacy and Numeracy withdrawal programmes. In addition, English lower set classes for low ability pupils are in class sizes of 11 and are running intensive reading and writing programmes.

pdfClick here to see Catch Up information and Spending Impact Report.


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