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EAL English as an Additional Language

English as an Additional Language (EAL)

The EAL Department has responsibility for all students whose first language is not English, working to ensure our students are able to access all areas of the curriculum and to achieve their full potential 

The type of help and support we offer depends on a number of factors, including the length of previous education, whether the student is literate in their first language, their level of English and how long they have been in the UK.  The department has a number of interventions in place to support our students and some of these are:

  • Key Stage 3 Induction Course - a course for newly arrived students which covers all the National Curriculum subjects, except Religious Education.
  • In-class support - this is an adult supporting a small group of students in a mainstream classroom or it can be partnership teaching where two teachers share the responsibility for the class.
  • Withdrawal Group - this involves a small group of students who have been taken out of a mainstream lesson for extra support.  Their work will cover all areas of the curriculum.
  • After School Homework / Coursework Club - we offer help to students every day after school with homework and coursework.  Students of all ages are supported in these sessions
  • After School English and Maths Club - every Thursday 3:15 - 4:15pm in F8 with Ms Kurasiewicz.
    The club offers a chance to improve Maths and English skills and is offered to both Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4 students.  We also encourage students to come and share their knowledge and help their peers during those sessions.
  • Mentoring - staff in the department offer individual support to our students, ensuring they are able to successfully manage their work with support.
  • Community Lanaguage Examinations - the department regularly enters students for GCSE and GCE exams in their heritage language.  We have a high success rate with between 97-100% of students achieve at the highest levels.
    Please see Ms Kurasiewicz to get information about the possibility of taking a GCSE in your language.

polish_club2If your child is literate in his/her first language, it is important that you continue to support them in using/developing your home language.  You can help your child by using your home language to discuss school work and also to encourage them to read newspapers in both your home language and in English.  Some of the most successful EAL students are those who are literate in their first language.


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Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural education is taught in PSHC lessons in Key Stage 3: This is a well developed programme which pupils enjoy and which prepares them well for life in modern Britain.

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