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Twilight School

twilight_starsTwilight Inclusion Programme

Our aim is to deliver interventions that raise achievement and develop positive behaviours for learning. We address the needs of vulnerable students to facilitate their continued education in a mainstream environment by identifying and addressing their barriers to learning.

Many students need a period of extra support at some time during their education.  In some cases it can be difficult to offer the level of support needed to each individual in a mainstream setting.  Twilight School gives those students at risk of permanent exclusion a low stress environment for a specified period to furnish them with strategies that will enable them to remain in mainstream education.

Twilight Programme

  • Intervention to support students who display unacceptable behaviour, or those who find the school environment challenging.
  • Withdrawal from high risk lessons when necessary.
  • Individual support and group sessions to address barriers to learning.
  • In class support from specialist teaching assistants.
  • Referral to outside agencies to Provide specialist support when needed.
  • School counsellor referrals when required.
  • Long term support for students experiencing difficulties that have a detrimental effect on their ability to learn.
  • Additional Support for students with long term medical needs

Twilight School

Twilight School offers a 6 Week "Time Out" to give the student the opportunity to reflect and grow in a safe and supportive environment, while still continuing their academic studies.

  • Intensive full time intervention for students at risk of permanent exclusion.
  • Students attend school three hours each day and have two hours home study.
  • The Twilight School will focus on positive reflection and strategies for improvement.
  • The twilight school will have a strict behaviour policy that facilitates a calm productive working environment.
  • The Subject specific work will be set by the relevant member of teaching staff to enable consistency for the student and a smooth reintegration into main stream.
  • The Twilight school co-ordinator will deliver individualised programmes to each student according to their specific needs. Students Twilight timetable will be displayed in the twilight school and recorded in the Twilight Log book.
  • Learning mentors attached to each faculty will continue regular contact with students in the twilight school. This will enable the student to remain a part of the whole school community while segregated from the other students.
  • The Twilight School co-ordinator will organise any external agencies needed to assist in the support of the Twilight students
  • Regular feedback to parents to support learning and change.
  • Process of Reintegration to be gradual.
  • After reintegration students will be placed on report (minimum of three weeks, maximum of six weeks) to monitor student's progress.

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"Leaders have introduced a new policy and processess for teaching, learning and assessment.  There is now more rigour in the quality and teachersw use this information to plan lessons which encourage pupils to learn"

OFSTED - May 2018

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