A selection of our Year 8 students were recently very excited to be attending a series of workshops related to the gaming and e-sports industry. Delivered by companies and Universities across the country and organised by LDN UTD (London United).

The workshops were on Public Speaking, Social Media Management, Video Production and Video Editing. They were initially aimed at Year 10 and older students, with a focus on further education, which meant our students were the youngest participants, but we were welcomed none the less.


Our group of Year 8 Conisborough students worked extremely hard in every single workshop. They came prepared, listened to the feedback on their work and returned to the follow up workshops ready to show their significant improvement and progress, having implemented every single piece of advice given.  The organisers were particularly impressed by the wealth of ideas, the resourcefulness of our students and how respectful they were.  These students made Conisborough College very proud.

The organisers sent each student a professional gaming headset to thank them for going ‘above and beyond’ and students and parents were very grateful for the opportunity to attend.  A huge thank you to the staff who supported this group.

Student Comments:

“I thought the workshops helped me with how I should manage an online channel. I really enjoyed listening to the professionals talk about this stuff and they liked my video; it just shows how many people appreciate your videos and also how social media works at the same time” – Cody

“The workshops were very useful with the best tips to become a popular youtuber” – Khaleal


“The workshops with E-sports were amazing because we all come out of our comfort zone and had an amazing time with the E-sports team. Thank you, you guys are awesome!” – David


“My experience was amazing, I would strongly recommend these workshops to everyone. It was an inspiring experience and motivated me to do more videos. They lay it out in a way that supports understanding and gives you incredible feedback and constructive criticism. They tell you what you have done and what you can improve upon. The experience is truly amazing! Ldn Utd is a fantastic organization with amazing people! I love it!” – Zahndrae

A huge thank you to Ldn Utd, for organising these workshops. It is critical for all gamers and young learners to see and experience the potential, the beauty, the excitement, the learning and the various fields that make gaming and e-sports such a huge and successful industry.

The workshops were delivered by leading experts in the field, from various universities and companies, who allowed us an insight into this huge industry. The workshops were carefully planned and well delivered, adjusting to the learners’ needs, strengths and areas for development. The feedback was given in a very supportive and encouraging way, that motivated learners to implement the advice and return for the next workshop, having made significant progress and important improvements to their approach and work.
The workshops covered some of the most salient features and aspects of this massive and powerful industry, such as public speaking, video production and social media management. It was fascinating to expand our learners’ views and experiences around gaming and e-sports and show them all the potential future career paths.
I would certainly recommend these workshops to all learners, regardless of their age and experience. They empowered our young learners and encouraged them to look into the future with renewed interest and hopes.
LDN UTD, thank you!”

Miss ChaintiniASD Resource Base Teacher

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