Fifteen of our students from across Year 7 and 8 will soon have their mystery stories published in a ‘Young Writers’ Anthology!

The students submitted their entries into the ‘Unsolved’ Competition, where students from across the country were asked to write a short mystery piece.

This project has been a great success as fifteen of the eighteen stories that were written and submitted by Conisborough students, in the middle of Lockdown and under challenging circumstances, will get published.


We are also one of the schools with the most submissions and publications and therefore, very strong candidates to win ‘The Young Writers Award of Excellence’ as a school. This award comes with great rewards and national recognition!

Once again, Conisborough College students rise Above and Beyond to go the extra mile.  A huge thank you to the teachers who supported this project:  Mrs Akanni, Mrs Vanca-Bumb and Mrs Moretta.

And lastly, well done to all the students who wrote and submitted stories during these challenging times and congratulations to the fifteen who will be published. This achievement has empowered them, inspired them and encouraged them to work outside of their comfort zones.

  • Ayden
  • Ben
  • Blake
  • Chase
  • Cody
  • Emmanuel
  • Frankie
  • Hakeem
  • Hannah
  • Jasmine
  • Joshua
  • Micah
  • Nathan
  • Tivalli
  • Suri

Miss ChaintiniASD Resource Base Teacher

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