The Global Canvas Competition 2021  –  A Planet on the Edge, Healing Nature

A huge ’Congratulations’ to our Year 10 Resource Base students:  Amari, Kena, Tyler, Nina, Marcos and Ronny, who have worked so hard on their entry for this year’s Global Canvas competition. The theme this year was ‘A Planet on the Edge, Healing Nature’.

Out of entries from 26 countries and over 2000 children they managed to achieve the overall first place, jointly with a school from Hungary. This made us very happy and proud. The judges particularly liked the industrial background, use of recycled materials such as plastic bags made into flowers, hedgehogs made out of books and the environmental messages.

One of the key things why the project worked so well was that the group worked so well as a team, they all enjoyed what they did and had fun creating art. The group were able to think about the environment and what it means to them and then focused on what the solutions could be for a planet on the edge.

A big thank you to all that helped us source the recycled materials we used and to the DT Department for helping us by making the wooden frame.

Ms Juniper – ASD Resource Base Teacher

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