Hello and welcome to the Resource Base, Year 10 entry for the David Shepherd, Global Canvas 2022.

We decided to make a kelp forest as our entry for Global Canvas 2022, from the theme of ‘Forests of the land and sea’.   We think that Kelp Forests are really important.

When we made our kelp forest, we thought about how the environment underwater is endangered and what can be done to protect it. Micro plastic pollution in water is being increasingly addressed as people are becoming aware of it and making a difference.

To stop micro plastic pollution we need to recycle more!

We made our forest using as many recycled products as we could. Wool, newspaper, PE Cones, tights, beads, lentils, out of date covid19 tests and masks and many other things.  We learned that sea urchins eat kelp, that helps make oxygen and neutralises carbon dioxide.  Lots of animals live in kelp forests and over trawling can affect the growth.  We also learnt that kelp forests need protection and that we need to take responsibility for ensuring that it is safe. Kelp has many different uses and is grown in under-water farms.

While working on the Global Artist project, we have learnt that ‘as a team we can achieve anything’!  Through education and sharing knowledge, we can create opportunities and make a difference to the protection, development and future of forests of the land and sea.

Ms Juniper – ASD Resource Base Teacher

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