Thursday 24 August 2023

Our outgoing Year 11 students collected some amazing and well deserved exam results.

We wish to congratulate our outgoing Year 11 students on a very positive set of GCSE results.  The attainment in virtually all subjects shows significant improvement.

We are particularly pleased with the excellent increase in students’ attainment in Science, Maths and Modern Foreign Languages. This reflects the real improvements we have made as a school over the last three years.

Staff of the school have worked hard to make sure that our students had every opportunity to achieve. With everyone’s hard work and the support given and offered, we are extremely proud of our students individual successes, as a school these are better results than our last exams in 2022.

Well done everyone, you deserve your successes which you have all worked so hard for together.

‘We are delighted with the success our young people have achieved this year.  We would like to wish them all the best with their future ventures in the sixth form and beyond.  A huge thank you to our dedicated staff for their hard work, going above and beyond to help all students over the last five years’

Miss Mahar & Mr Cavadino - Co-Headteachers 2023

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