Spring term 2023 ended with a trip to London for a selected group of Year 7 girls, where they got he opportunity to speak in group of the Lords and Ladies of the House.

A huge well done to the Year 7 students that attended the House of Lords on Friday 31st March with Millwall Community Trust to speak out in from of the Lords and Ladies of the House as part of a Literacy Intervention programme. The students were absolutely outstanding! not just in their ability to step up and speak in an intimidating environment, but also in the support and affirmation they gave each other and most importantly the quality and content of their individual speeches.

I have worked on a number of intervention programmes over the years, and I can honestly say that the performance of this group of Year 7s is the best I have seen.

This was reiterated by Jim Sells, Programme Manager for the National Literacy trust, and Kirsty Bailey, who formed the judging panel, along with Lord Kennedy and me. They asked the students to join their National Literacy Planning Forum as they were so impressed.

I want to highlight the performance of the Conisborough Head Girl Odel, who volunteered her time freely to help deliver the literacy programme along with Beyoncé Blair from Millwall CT. Beyoncé has had nothing but high praise for the professional attitude and dedication of Odel. We have already said that if she wants a part-time mentoring job at Millwall after July we would be keen to take her on due to her performance on the programme.

This has been such a great way to end the Spring term and we would like to extend an invitation to all the students involved on the programme to our Community Day match vs Preston on the 15th April as our guests of honour.

John ScarboroughEducation & Employability ManagerMCT

“It was an honour to attend this event on Friday 31st March and support them. When each of them gave their speeches, I was so, so proud! Imagine being in Year 7 and giving a speech to someone who is a Lord! What a life experience! These students are our future and it reminded me of how great are.”Ms Lofthouse (Conisborough College)

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