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Partnership with Colfe’s

Conisborough College has a well established partnership with Colfe’s Independent School.

Colfe’s is one of the leading independent schools in the area and work with us on a range of projects and cross-curricular activities to enhance learning and further raise standards. Our highest achieving students can secure scholarships to the 6th form at Colfe’s.

The very best educational experience

A partnership of this kind, leads the way in terms of collaborative working, between the Private and Public sectors. It is part of the overall strategy to ensure students at Conisborough College enjoy the very best educational experience.

At Conisborough College, we are committed to helping students develop the skills that will maximise their future career opportunities and life chances.

Our aims as a Colfe’s Associate School are to:

  • raise standards of attainment and achievement for all students.
  • extend the subjects and enrichment activities available both in and outside of the classroom.
  • ensure that our students make a positive contribution to the college and wider community.
  • ensure that our students have the necessary skills to succeed in their future studies and career.

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Conisborough DT Female Students Measuring Lewisham

The relationship between Conisborough College and Colfe’s School is almost a decade old and is most visible in the shared emblem of a roebuck on the blazers of the pupils at both schools. Colfe’s, a local independent school, is committed to assisting the pupils of Conisborough College in a number of ways. These include offering Sixth Form bursaries to high performing Year 11 pupils, supporting attainment by offering booster classes in a range of subjects and inviting Conisborough pupils to join outreach trips and enrichment activities.

Each year a number of highly able pupils from Conisborough take up Year 12 places at Colfe’s and we are delighted when they return to Conisborough to share their experiences with current pupils and catch up with their former teachers.

A senior member of the Colfe’s staff has a place on the Governing Body at Conisborough College. (this is currently Mrs D. Graham – Deputy Headteacher)


Paper Copies

If you require a printed copy of any of the school’s polices or any other information on our website, please contact the school and we will be happy to provide it.

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