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Our Vision, Ethos & Values

Your School

Conisborough College is embedded in the Catford and Lewisham community and is a celebration of the diversity of this area of London. The school is an inclusive, welcoming and safe environment in which to learn, to enjoy learning and to experience the widest possible breadth of learning. Conisborough College is a local school that everyone can be proud of. Our vision is to continue to serve local people by offering excellence in educational opportunities and  to continue to develop partnerships that bring lasting and meaningful benefits to our young people and beyond.

Your Time

Your school is an 11-16 school that holds the key to your future. It is a time to excel, to challenge and to enjoy every possible aspect of learning. The school has specialist facilities and provisions which can provide unique opportunities and possibilities.

The school will do everything possible to nurture the talents and abilities of all our young people. We will draw on all our partnerships and connections to benefit our students in a practical way and to support the development of the values that will be important for them now and in the future. We pride ourselves on the quality of the learning experiences available at Conisborough College. Our curriculum is based on choice, diversity and opportunity and we are committed to enhancing this with additional opportunities drawing on every resource available to us. This is truly your time to shine and shape your successes.

School is about more than just academic success. It is our role to recognise and develop talent in whatever creative form it may appear. We will help students who have shown signs of talent in a particular area to set learning goals in that area. We will provide and look for activities and events
that give students particularly good opportunities to demonstrate their talent potential.

Your Future

An education at Conisborough College provides the foundation upon which every student can build their future. Our vision is to make sure every young person has the opportunity to progress into employment, to have a career with prospects, and continue to develop their talents and abilities. We want every student to look back at their time at Conisborough and feel that their school inspired them to be ambitious and gave them the confidence to believe in themselves and their potential.

We want students to feel that that the school provided a supportive, nurturing environment that encouraged independent thinking and collaborative work which has helped them navigate their career. We aim for every student to develop strong values and characteristics that ensure they have happy and fulfilled lives.

Our Ethos… We Care

Underpinning our vision, is our ethos of care. We care that our students, our staff and our community are safe, happy and successful. As students, teachers, leaders, parents or neighbours, we care for our students and want them to go on to be the best that they can be and be a caring citizen of the 21st Century.

Our Values… Be P.R.E.P.A.R.E.D.

Our vision and ethos are encapsulated in our values: being PREPARED! Whether being students, teachers, or leaders, everyone in the Conisborough Community must be PREPARED, because learning is the most important thing that happens in our school. Students and teachers learn together so that we can help each other to be the best that we can be by being:

Punctual: Be on time

Routines: Stick to the routines

Expectations: Follow instructions, first time

Phones: Are on site and Out of Sight.

Attitude: Be calm, Kind, Polite, Honest and Respectful

Respect: Respect our community and the environment

Equipped: Be fully equipped

Dress: Wear the correct uniform

Our goal is for our young people to go onto become successful leaders, employees, citizens and family members. The Governors and leaders of the school aim to create an environment where our children are happy, excited and eager to attend and learn every day.

Our students play an active part in the local, national and international communities and they all have the chance to lead and motivate others.

Lewisham Council Logo

Equality and Diversity in Lewisham

Lewisham is a diverse community made up of many different groups and individuals. We value and celebrate diversity and believe it essential to try to understand the different contributions, perspectives and experience that people in our community have. We believe that the diversity of our population and workforce is one of our greatest strengths.

Conisborough College Diversity Stag

The following equality objectives reflect the aspiration we have for a borough where all those who live, work and use services within it, are treated with dignity and respect. We believe that it is important that every resident, regardless of their background, is able to recognise themselves and others, in the objectives that we have set. The Council’s five equality objectives are set out below:

Five equality objectives

  • To ensure equal opportunities for marginalised and seldom heard communities.
  • To reduce the number of vulnerable people in the borough by tackling socio-economic inequality.
  • To improve the quality of life of residents by tackling preventable illnesses and diseases.
  • To ensure that services are designed and delivered to meet the needs of Lewisham’s diverse population.
  • To increase the number of people we support to become active citizens. The Single Equality Framework is the vehicle used to promote the Council’s equality objectives.

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