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Key Stage 3 Geography

In Geography you will be introduced to geographical skills such as a knowledge of places and an understanding of geographical processes.

Year 7 students study Humanities which is a combination of Geography and History.

Course Content

Geography remains a compulsory subject. The course will involve students in developing a range of distinct skills that will equip them for future life. They will develop proficient map skills and a range of ICT skills. They will solve problems and complete enquiries, one of which will be based on a fieldwork theory paper. They will learn how to collect information, interpret evidence, make decisions, draw and justify conclusions, as well as communicate their findings.

  • Theme 1 – Challenges of Living in the Built Environment
  • Theme 2 – Physical Processes and Relationships between People and Environments
  • Theme 3 – Uneven Development and Sustainable Environments

Examination Details

  • Written Paper (Unit 1)     40%
  • Written Paper (Unit 2)     30%
  • Written Paper (Unit 3)     30%

Career Opportunities

  • Scientist
  • Meteorologist
  • Archaeologist
  • Conservationist
  • City Planner
  • Journalist
  • IT and Design
  • Commerce and Creating GIS Systems

Paper Copies

If you require a printed copy of any of the school’s polices or any other information on our website, please contact the school and we will be happy to provide it.

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