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Health & Social Care

Key Stage 4

Course Content:

The Award gives learners the opportunity to gain a vocational qualification that introduces the sector and develop their knowledge and understanding of Health and Social Care.

This programme of study promotes ‘widening participation’ through a vocational and project-based element. By completing 8 mandatory content areas, learners will explore key areas within health and social care to establish a firm foundation from which future knowledge can develop and grow.

The course consists of 8 mandatory content areas which are all internally assessed via a non-exam assessment that students produce over a period of 13 hours under certain conditions. There is one external exam which will assess the students’ knowledge from all the mandatory content areas. The non-exam assessment and one external exam both weight 50% each towards the overall qualification.

The Content areas are:

  • Content area 1: Health and social care provision and services
  • Content area 2: Job roles in health and social care and the care values that underpin professional practice
  • Content area 3: Legislation, policies and procedures in health and social care
  • Content area 4: Human development across the life span
  • Content area 5: The care needs of the individual
  • Content area 6: How health and social care services are accessed
  • Content area 7: Partnership working in health and social care
  • Content area 8: The care planning cycle

Progression Opportunities

Study of the qualification as part of Key Stage 4 learning will help learners to make more informed choices for further learning either generally or in this sector. The choices that a learner can make post-16 will depend on their overall level of attainment and their performance in the qualification.

Learners who achieve at level 1 might consider progression to level 2 qualifications post-16, such as:

  • GCSE in:  Health and Social Care   /   Childcare
  • Study at level 2 in a range of technical routes that have been designed for progression to employment, apprenticeships and further study, examples might include Level 2 Technical

Certificate in:

  • Child Development and Care in the Early Years

Learners who achieve at level 2 might consider progression to level 3 qualifications, post-16, such as:

  • Level 3 Applied Generals in:
  • Health and Social Care
  • Early Years, Childcare and Education

Level 3 Technical Level qualifications (including T Level programmes), opportunities are available in:

  • health and science
  • health and social care
  • education and childcare, including a range of options for early years education and teaching assistants

Examination Details:

  • External Examination = 50%
  • Non-Exam Assessment = 50%
  • You will have to complete assignments so meeting deadlines and excellent attendance is essential.  The overall qualification grades are graded as L1Pass, L1Merit, L1Distinction, L2Pass, L2Merit, L2Distinction.

If you do not meet the Pass criteria, you will not pass the Non-Exam Assessment and therefore the course.

Career Opportunities:

Social Worker, Midwife, Physiotherapist, Counselling, Nurse, Care work, Child Care Assistant, parent adviser and looking after children, nursery nurse, pre-school teacher, Nutritionist, dietician.

For more information on this or other specific subjects, please contact the relevant Curriculum Lead via email using the Staff List

Paper Copies

If you require a printed copy of any of the school’s polices or any other information on our website, please contact the school and we will be happy to provide it.

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