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ICT & Computer Science

These courses are designed to encourage students to learn through an analytical and practical approach, using a variety of sources and materials. Students will achieve an understanding of applications and their implications, and work towards becoming independent learners and autonomous users of emerging technologies.

ICT Course Content:

National Certificate Level 1 / 2 (Vocational) in Information Technologies

This vocational course aims to develop students’ skills, knowledge and understanding of skills in using information technologies. Learners will learn about tools and techniques for use in different digital hardware and software technologies, and how these can be integrated to create digital solutions to manage and communicate data and information. They will also be taught what data and information are and the legal, ethical and moral considerations when using technology to gather, store and present data and information, and how to mitigate the risks of cyber-attacks.

Through this qualification they will be able to select and use the most appropriate technology safely and effectively, to complete a data management task.

In the implementation of the coursework requirement, learners will follow a project life cycle of initiation, planning, execution and evaluation to complete a data management task and use their skills, knowledge and understanding of technology to complete each of the phases of the project life cycle. These qualifications are also designed to enable pupils to enter employment and undertake other related occupational qualifications.

The course requires students to engage in the following activities:

  • gathering of appropriate information
  • creative use of digital applications
  • efficient handling of information
  • production of outcomes that are fit for the purpose
  • effective management of projects
  • giving and receiving feedback

On completion of this course, students could go into further education to undertake:

  • Level 3 National qualifications
  • AS / A Level (Computing)
  • GCE ICT / Computing

The two units of assessment for this qualification are as follow:-

  • Unit R012: Understanding tools, techniques, methods and processes for technological solutions
  • Unit R013: Developing technological solutions

Examination Details:

The qualification is assessed by a combination of a compulsory examination and coursework with equal weighting of 50%.

Units of coursework covered will be internally assessed and externally moderated by an OCR moderator. Full award and units for this qualification are graded Pass, Merit or Distinction at both Level 1 and 2.

Computer Science

9-1 – OCR J276

The course aims to develop students’ creative and technical skills, knowledge and understanding of IT in a range of context. Through developing computer programs to solve problems learners become independent and discerning users of IT. The qualification is also designed to enable students to enter employment in the field of computer science.

The course requires students to engage in the following activities:

  • The capacity to think creatively, innovatively, analytically, logically and critically
  • Use algorithms in computer programs and develop counter programs to solve problems
  • Understand the organisation of computer systems.
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of computer programs / solutions and the impact of computer technology in society.


The coursework task is chosen from a list provided by the examination Unit (03/04): Programming Project. This is a controlled assessment Programming task. Candidates will analyse, design, develop, test and evaluate a solution to a problem within the OCR-set scenario.

Examination Details:

The qualification is assessed by a combination of two written examinations and programming coursework.  The examination units are – 01: computer systems and 02: computational thinking, algorithms and programming. The examination units have a mixture of short and long answer questions, some of which require learners to write program code. The coursework will be chosen from a list provided by the examination board. It will involve using programming technique and the design life cycle. The mark composition for the qualification is weighted equally at 50% for both unit 1 and 2.

Completion of the programming project is a formal requirement for candidates to consolidate their learning across the specification through practical activity

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