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Key Stage 4 (Years 10 – 11)

Towards the end of Year 9, students decide which subjects they want to take for GCSE, but there are also other options to take BTEC or ASDAN qualifications.

Our Key Stage 4 curriculum offers various pathways to support our students’ learning needs. Some of the GCSEs are compulsory.  All students study:

Students then choose a maximum of three other subjects to complete their GCSE programme. Subjects on offer may include;


  • Health and Social Care
  • PE
  • Business

Our Key Stage 4 curriculum is designed around a personalised pathway approach, so the following subjects are also offered to targeted students:

  • Triple Science (Biology, Chemistry & Physics)
  • Latin

We always look to add subjects if there is a demand and requirement to ensure our students are well placed for post 16 studies. 

Key Stage 4 Recommended Reading

Careers Education and Work Experience

Careers Education and Work Experience is provided through Personal, Social, Health and Careers Education (PSHCE), supported by a careers library, a Careers Fair and individual support and guidance. In Year 10, all students receive a one-to-one interview and action plan so that information and guidance can be tailored to individuals. All students have the opportunity to spend two weeks on work experience at Key Stage 4. During these placements, students are visited by a member of Conisborough staff.

Religious Education and Assemblies

All students learn about the world’s main religions in line with Lewisham’s agreed syllabus.

Assemblies form an important part of the school day – contributing to our students’ moral and spiritual education and developing a sense of a school community. Parents do, however, have the right to withdraw their children from Religious Education and/or assemblies if they feel the content is not suitable.

Sex Education

Sex Education is taught through PSHCE, Science and Drop Down Days. The lesson content and materials are carefully chosen to take account of the needs and maturity of the students. A parent may withdraw his/her child from Sex Education lessons, except those taught as part of the National Curriculum in Science.

Further Information

For further information on our curriculum offer, please contact Dr S Aylward – Assistant Headteacher, or contact the relevant Curriculum Lead via email using the Staff List

Paper Copies

If you require a printed copy of any of the school’s polices or any other information on our website, please contact the school and we will be happy to provide it.

From our 2019 report

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