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Media Studies

GCSE Media Studies gives you the opportunity to use a wide range of media equipment.

Course Content:

In addition to practical work, you will also have to think, analyse and write in response to a range of media texts – including your own!

Topics studied include: Advertising, Film, Television, Music Promotion, Radio, Newspapers, Website Design, Social Media.

Examination Details:

Controlled Conditions/Working to a brief (30%)

Year 11

AQA sets a choice of briefs. Students complete a statement of intent and their own media product in response to this brief.

Examinations (70%)

All 4 areas of media studies are examined in the final examination. Each paper is worth 35% of the final grade.

Media 1

(35% of final grade; 84 marks, 90 minutes)Section A will focus on media language and media representations. The questions will cover: magazines, advertising and marketing, newspapers, online, social and participatory media and video games. Section B will cover media audience and media institution. There will be a range of questions relating to an unseen source and the Close Study Products (‘set texts’), including a 20 mark extended response question.

Media 2

Section A will be based on a screening from an extract of one of the television Close Study Products and can test any area of the theoretical framework. Section B will be based on either newspapers or online, social and participatory media and video games and can test any area of the framework. This paper includes short, medium and extended response questions assessing depth of knowledge and understanding of the course.

Career Opportunities

Web design, advertising, marketing, journalism, photography, graphic design, magazine publishing, music promotion, computer gaming promotion, film industry, television industries, video, new media, newspapers (print and online), online (social and participatory media), radio

Paper Copies

If you require a printed copy of any of the school’s polices or any other information on our website, please contact the school and we will be happy to provide it.

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