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Modern Foreign Languages

Languages make you stand out in all careers but especially in law, journalism, media, sport and leisure, law, business and marketing, ICT, customer service, tourism and teaching.

Employers value staff who are good communicators, which is what we hope you will be after the course. Some students move on to ‘A’ Level or further studies and many take up positions in the hotel industry, journalism, media, sport and leisure, law, business and marketing, ICT, customer service and teaching. The European Day of Languages, which takes place in September every year, explores using a language in the working world.

French, Spanish and German

Course Content:

You will study from around six topic areas, dealing with things that matter to you like environmental issues, tourism, personal relationships, education, leisure and home life. You will also develop an in depth knowledge of the culture and customs of French speaking countries. You will learn the success criteria to achieve a 9-1 grade from the start of the course, as well as developing a range of transferable skills.

You will learn about these topics through the four skills: speaking, listening, reading, writing, which are equally weighted (25%) within the course. You will use authentic materials, ICT and have conversation lessons with our language assistants to help you progress in the language. Each year, trips are planned to give you the chance to practise what you have learned. Don’t miss out!

The majority of top universities now require a language GCSE from their applicants, as it displays the ability to communicate, analyse, create and empathise. Having a GCSE qualification in French may lead you on to many different roles in the world of work, but most of all, employers value good communicators. In fact, speaking another language will make it easier to find a job in any profession you might want to do and will often mean that you will earn more than your competitors.

Examination Details:

25% of marks equally weighted across speaking, listening, reading and writing.

You live a new life for every new language you speak.  If you know only one language, you live only once.


Czech Proverb

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