Outside of the classroom, Conisborough College offers more than just subject learning. We want our students to enjoy school and use it for much more than just their studies. Equally, we want to offer supported study and learning arrangements when our students need them.

We offer a range of extra-curricular subjects after school and during the holidays.  For example, all Year 7 students are offered a summer school before they join Conisborough College.  This helps with future friendship groups and makes the move from primary to secondary school smoother and less overwhelming.

In addition we offer:

  • Drama activities
  • Sports Clubs
  • Visits to theatres, museums and galleries.
  • Music activities – including instrument tuition
  • Training weekend for prefects
  • Trips to places of interest in the UK and abroad
  • Homework Clubs
  • Revision Schools for Year 11
  • Study Days
  • Languages Clubs
  • Music Clubs
  • Fun & Fitness / Body Conditioning

Tap below to see our full timetable of extra-curricular activities.

Our Extra-Curricular Clubs

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