Teen Taekwondo

Teens Taekwondo

@ Panther Taekwondo Black Belt Academy
– Charges apply for this club –

Tuesday / Friday
– all year round –

♦  improve your endurance, flexibility and strength  ♦

♦  healthy and fun option for stress relief  ♦

♦  build positive relationships with enthusiastic and motivated people  ♦

♦  greater variety than traditional exercise programs  ♦

♦  self-defence skills and awareness for greater personal safety  ♦

♦  self-confidence born of tapping into abilities and talents not previously considered or explored  ♦

♦  a better school work ethic  ♦  higher school grades  ♦

Our classes are mini-vacations where you vent stress, focus your mind and get centred.  You can have fun, get fit, tighten your stomach, stretch out, tone your body and feel renewed.

Our instructors are passionate about martial arts and share important lessons around discipline, fitness and focus – while demonstrating healthy living and a passion for their training. You’ll learn in an inclusive, positive, goal-oriented environment as you improve your performance on the mats and in your daily life.

Watch yourself THRIVE in our Teens Taekwondo program and find out more today.

  • Convenient weekly schedules
  • Individual goal-setting and monitoring
  • An opportunity for lifelong learning
  • Ongoing fitness, health, and active lifestyle training
  • Continued motivation and celebration of achievement


Panther Taekwondo

6:00 – 8:00pm

charges apply – contact for details


Panther Taekwondo

6:00 – 8:00pm

charges apply – contact for details

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