• School blazer worn at all times.
  • White school shirt (top button fastened, shirt tucked in).
  • School tie must show at least 6 stripes.
  • Year Group Lanyard to be worn at all times
    Y7  – YELLOW
    Y8  – ORANGE
    Y9  – WHITE
    Y10- GREEN
    Y11- BLUE
  • Optional: Conisborough College grey V-neck jumper or tank top.
  • Tailored slate grey school trousers (no skinny fit).
  • Knee length slate grey pleated or a line skirt.
  • Plain black or grey socks or tights.
  • In winter a plain white t-shirt may be worn under the shirt.
  • Religious Headwear must be plain black or maroon.
  • No baseball caps to be worn.
  • Optional: plain black belt with no large buckle.


  • Shoes must be plain black.
  • Laces must be black if needed.
  • No trainers, Converse, canvas (‘Vans’) or boots above the ankle.

Jewellery, Hair & Make-Up

  • Make-up must be kept to a minimum.
  • One pair of plain stud earrings (on lower lobe).
  • No other body piercings e.g. nose, eyebrows, lip or tongue studs.
  • No acrylic nails or nail varnish.
  • No jewellery; rings, necklaces, bracelets etc.
  • Hair should not be dyed.  Any hair extensions must be of natural hair colouring.
  • Hair bands must be black or grey and of a simple design.

PE Kit

  • Plain black tracksuit bottoms or black shorts with no logos or stripes.
  • Maroon Conisborough College polo shirt.
  • Maroon Conisborough college sweatshirt is recommended as students have many lessons outside.
  • Plain black or grey socks.
  • Trainers not plimsolls.
  • Long hair must be tied back.

Conisborough Uniform Suppliers

Conisborough College - School Uniform
Conisborough College - School Uniform


Please provide students with a note if they are unable to participate in PE although students MUST still bring in their PE kit and change into it – as they may be required to assist in the lesson in some way.

Paper Copies

If you require a printed copy of any of the school’s polices or any other information on our website, please contact the school and we will be happy to provide it.

From our 2019 report

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